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MacroPATH Basic (unit without CPU)


Vad vill du veta om MacroPATH Basic (unit without CPU)?



MacroPATH is a user-friendly, high-resolution image capture system that can either be mounted to fit any existing grossing workstation or used as a shared stand-alone resource. Selected high-resolution images can be used to supplement synoptic or preformatted reports that provide essential data or clinical relevance. The stored images form a powerful database for QA, teaching and research. The connection to remote transmission facilities allows teleconferencing and telepathology consultations.


The benefits of MacroPATH


In the grossing room:

  •  A major visual complement to standard descriptions.
  • The availability of the images eliminates vagueness in the description of the shape, size and color of specimens.
  • Eliminates hand drawings or long descriptions.
  • Enables a detailed observation and documentation through a 30x optical magnifi cation.
  • Rapid and accurate sizing/area of specimens.
  • Easy and precise labeling of tissue block sample locations.
  • Full documentation of the specimen “as received”

In the Microscopy Room:

  • Macro images are available to all the pathologists at time of sign-off
  • Create more informative pathology reports by adding context with macro images.
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