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FineFIX Module Unit


Vad vill du veta om FineFIX Module Unit?



Processing slides with the FineFIX Module prior to staining

The high quality of Milestone frozen sections can only be obtained by freezing the specimens with PrestoCHILL and by processing the slides with FineFIX (patent n. EP 1 455 174 B1) before staining. FineFIX is an ethanol-based patented fixation and processing reagent. Its formulation with low-toxicity additives overcomes the drawbacks commonly associated with the use of pure ethanol or ethanol-based fixatives, e.g. significant tissue shrinkage, vacuolization and pyknotic nuclei.


The FineFIX Module consists of a heated metal vessel in which the

FineFIX solution is kept at 40°C. Frozen section slides are immersed

in the solution for 15-60 seconds in order to simultaneously carry

out the specimen’s fixation, dehydration and lipids extraction. After

this pre-step, the specimens are stained according to the user’s

standard protocols.

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