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ZAP-70 (LR) 0,1mL


Vad vill du veta om ZAP-70 (LR) 0,1mL?



ZAP-70 (LR) 0,1 mL
Specificity and Comments: The Src-related protein tyrpsine kinases Lck p56 and Fyn p59 are critically involved in T cell antigen receptor TCR/CD3-triggered activation. T lymphoicytes also express a second class of non-receptor protein tyrosine kinases, which includes Syk p70 and ZAP p72. In contrast, the ZAP p70 kinase was insufficient unless it was coaggregated with a Fyn p59-containing chimera, suggesting that regulation of ZAP p70 activity may require a functional interaction with Src family kinases. In a recent study, researchers investigated whether the expression of ZAP-70 with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells correlated with the immunoglobulin heavy-chain variable-region (IgVH) mutational stas\tus, disease progression, and survival. The mutational status of (IgVH) genes in the leukemic cells of chronic lymphocyte leukemia (CLL) is an important prognostic factor in the disease. Studies have shown patients with CLL expression of ZAP-70 that correlated with IgVH mutational status, disease progression, and survival. Immunohistochemical assays for ZAP-70 expression that can be applied clinically may yield important prognostic information for CLL patients.
Species Reactivity: Human
Clone: BC.2F3.2
Isotypes: IgG2a
Applications: Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues
Positive Controls: Tonsil
Cellular Localizations: Nuclear with some cytoplasmic
Pretreatment Required: Heat Retrieval - Reveal
Recommended Dilution: 1:50-200
Diluent: Da Vinci Green
Protocol: 30-10-10
Intended Use: For Research Use Only
Technical Note:
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