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Actin, Smooth Muscle (SMA) 0,1mL


Vad vill du veta om Actin, Smooth Muscle (SMA) 0,1mL?



Actin, Smooth Muscle 0,1mL
Specificity and Comments:
Recognizes the alpha-smooth muscle isoform of actin. It shows no cross-reaction with actin from fibroblasts (b- and g-cytoplasmic), striated muscle (a-sarcomeric), and myocardium (a-myocardial). Its epitope is composed of the acetyl group and the first 4 amino acids on the N-terminal end of the peptidic chain of a-smooth actin. BIOCARE’S 1A4 MAb stains smooth muscle cells in vessel walls, gut wall, and myometrium. Myoepithelial cells in breast and salivary glands are also stained as they also contain this actin. This MAb is reportedly useful for identifying tumors arising from smooth muscle and myoepithelial cells.
Species Reactivity: Human, Baboon, Cow, Rabbit, Mouse, Rat and Chicken
Clone: 1A4 (also known as asm-1)
Isotype: Light Chain: IgG2a /?
N-Terminal decapeptide of alpha smooth muscle
isoform of actin; acetylated at the N-terminus and
conjugated to KLH at the C-terminus
Produced by the fusion between BALB/c
Known Applications: Immunohistochemistry (formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues)
splenocytes and mouse myeloma p3-NS-1/Ag4-1
(NS1) cells.
Positive Control: Blood vessels or leiomyosarcoma
Cellular Localization: Cytoplasmic
Supplied As:
Buffer with protein carrier and preservative
Storage and Stability
Stable for 18 months.
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