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MACH1 Universal HRP-Polymer detection 6mL


The MACH 1 Universal Polymer Detection system offers a cost-effective alternative method of polymer detection for IHC laboratories (not available in the U.S.). Specifically titered for Biocare prediluted antibodies, MACH 1 provides ­superior staining and a reduced protocol time as compared to the conventional ABC ­system.

This new two-step, biotin-free technology uses a specific probe to detect mouse antibodies. The probe is followed by an HRP-polymer that binds to both the probe and to rabbit antibodies. Time consuming avidin-biotin and normal serum blocking steps are eliminated. The innovative HRP-polymer technology provides superior staining for mouse and rabbit antibodies when compared to ABC, biotin-streptavidin (BSA) and other polymer detection kits.



MACH1 Mouse Probe

MACH1 Universal HRP Polymer

Betazoid DAB Chromogen

Betazoid DAB Substrate Buffer

Background Sniper

Mixing Vial

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