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Tumor Associated Glycoprotein (TAG-72) 1,0 mL

Tumor Associated Glycoprotein (TAG-72) 1,0mL
Specificity and Comments:
B72.3 recognizes an oncofetal antigen of >1,000kDa, identified as a tumor-associated glycoprotein (TAG-72) with properties of a mucin. Majority of human adenocarcinomas including colorectal, pancreatic, gastric, ovarian, endometrial, mammary, and non-small cell lung cancer display some cell populations that are positive for B72.3 staining. Weak or no reactivity has been observed with most cell types of normal adult tissue excepting the secretory endometrium. About 60% of carcinoma patients express TAG-72 in their sera. It is reportedly useful in distinguishing pulmonary adenocarcinomas that are B72.3 (+) from pleural mesotheliomas that are B72.3 (-).
Species Reactivity: Human, hamster and rat
Clone: B72.3
Isotype: IgG1 /?
Membrane-enriched fraction of a human breast carcinoma liver metastasis
Produced by the fusion between BALB/c splenocytes and mouse myeloma p3-NS-1/Ag4-1 (NS1) cells
Known Applications: Immunohistochemistry
(formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded)
Positive Control: Lung carcinoma or breast cancer
Cellular Localization: Cell surface and cytoplasmic
Supplied As:
Buffer with protein carrier and preservative
Storage and Stability:
Store vial at 4°C. Stable for 18 months.
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