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SOX10 (Clone: BC34) 1 mL

The SOX10 protein is widely expressed in normal human tissues including melanocytes and breast tissue. It is also an important marker in malignant tumors such as melanoma, breast carcinoma, gliomas and benign tumors such as schwannomas. SOX10 antibody has been shown to be expressed in 97-100% of desmoplastic and spindle cell melanomas and was also shown to be expressed in 100% of nevi. The majority of oligodendrogliomas but also a large percentage of astrocytomas and poorly differentiated glioblastomas have also been shown to express SOX10. PATENT PENDING.

WEIGHT:                              .4 lbs
DIMENSIONS:                      1 x 1 x 1 in
INTENDED USE:                  IVD
SOURCE:                             Mouse Monoclonal
CLONE:                                BC34
ISOTYPE:                             IgG1
ANTIGEN:                             SOX10
LOCALIZATION:                    Nuclear
POSITIVE CONTROL:            Melanoma

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