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Melanoma Cocktail 1,0 ml

Melanoma Cocktail 1,0 ml
Specificity and Comments:
The HMB-45 clone reacts with a neuraminidase-sensitive oligosaccharide side chain of a glycoconjugate present in immature melanosomes. The HMB45-reactive antigen is present in cutaneous melanocytes, prenatal and infantile retinal pigment epithelium and melanoma cells and is thought to be oncofetal in nature. This antibody has been shown to label the majority of melanomas. The MART-1/Melan A recognizes a protein of 18kDa, identified at MART-1 (Melanoma Antigen Recognized by T cells 1) or Melan-A. The MART-1 recognizes a subcellular fraction found in melanosomes. The antibody labels melanomas and tumors showing melanocytic differentiation. It does not mark neoplasms of epithelial origin, lymphomas or mesenchymal tumors. Melan-A is a useful addition to melanoma panels as it is apparently specific for melanocytic lesions. Studies have also shown that MART-1 is more sensitive than HMB-45 when labeling metastatic melanomas. HMB-45 and MART-1 are coexpressed in the majority of melanomas, as well as uniquely expressed in certain cases. Thus, the HMB-45 and MART-1 cocktail is potentially more sensitive than HMB-45 and MART-1 alone. The MART-1 is a cocktail of clones DT101 and BC199. The combination of HMB-45 and the MART-1 cocktail make this triple antibody cocktail a first-order pan melanoma screener.
Species Reactivity: Human, mouse and rat
Clone: HMB45 + M2-7C10 + M29E3
Isotypes: IgG1/?, IgG2b and IgG2b
• HMB45 - Pigmented melanoma metastases from LN
• MART-1 - Recombinant hMart-1 protein
Known Applications: Immunohistochemistry
(formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues)
Positive Control:
Metastatic melanoma in lymph node
Cellular Localization: Cytoplasmic
Supplied As:
Buffer with protein carrier and preservative
Storage and Stability:
Store vial at 4°C. Stable for 18 months
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