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Inhibin, Alpha 1,0 mL

Inhibin, Alpha 1,0 mL
Specificity and Comments:
BC/R1 monoclonal antibody recognizes the 32kD alpha subunit of human inhibin. Inhibin is a peptide hormone that is produced by ovarian granulose cells which inhibits the release of FSH. Inhibin alpha subunit is expressed in a wide range of human tissues outside the reproductive axis such as prostate, brain, adrenal, as well as in the granulosa cells of the ovary, Sertoli cells of the testis and various cells of the fetoplacental unit. Inhibin may be used as a differential marker for adrenocortical tumors, placenta and gestational trophoblastic lesions and sex cord stromal tumors.
Species Reactivity: Human; others not tested.
Clone: BC/R1
Isotype: IgG2a
Synthetic peptide corresponding to the 1-32 IgG2a (Mouse) alpha subunit sequence of human inhibin coupled to tuberculin (PPD).
Known Applications: Immunohistochemistry (formalin–fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues).
Positive Control:
Normal human ovary (granulosa cells are positive) and normal testis (Leydig cells are positive)
Cellular Localization: Cytoplasm
Supplied As:
Buffer with protein carrier and preservative
Storage and Stability:
Store vial at 4°C. Stable for 18 months.
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